EPAS INFOPOINT: Louise Weiss Workshop


Join us at Epas Infopoint on 13 May to celebrate Europe Day (9 May) with a special workshop on Louise Weiss: A Pioneer for Europe!

To celebrate Europe Day on 9 May, we are offering you an inspiring and informative workshop highlighting the life and legacy of Louise Weiss, a symbolic figure of European engagement. Louise Weiss was much more than a journalist and writer; she was a visionary whose ideas and actions helped shape the future of modern Europe, so don't miss this opportunity to celebrate Europe Day together with history buffs.

Learn more about the fascinating life of Louise Weiss, from her youth to her political engagement, at the EPAS Info Point.

Explore her far-reaching influence on the European political stage and her plea for peace and co-operation.

Discover how her work continues to resonate in the feminist movement and the fight for gender equality.

And finally, share your own ideas about the future of Europe and how we can draw inspiration from Louise Weiss' legacy to build a more unified and inclusive continent.

The workshop is open to all classes.