Short stories competition for the Advent season

To get us all in the right mood for the Advent season, we still need some nice Christmas stories. The competition is accompanied by a special task: 10 words that we give you must have been processed in your story.

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The Science Club - Digital Activities

The Science Club Team from the Lënster Lycée currently offers only digital activities on MS Teams. But we have done our best to present interesting topics again

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Conférence de Paix

Today we had the great honour to welcome Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish for a peace conference at the LLIS. The five-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and internationally recognized human rights and inspirational peace activist,often referred to

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Joss den Hellen en scène au LLIS!

Joss den Hellen en scène au LLIS! Nous, les élèves de 5P, avons accueilli aujourd'hui à la bibliothèque Lënsterratus le comédien David Moutinho, pratiquant depuis quelques années au Luxembourg le stand-up comique. Avant de nous proposer de participer

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Respiratory system in science

Class 6G2 learns about the respiratory system in science: They do experiments on a pig's lung and observe human lung under a microscope.

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Sciences intégrées ( Classe S2 Fr1)

The pupils of class S2fr1 put themselves in the shoes of doctors without galactic frontiers and invite you to discover their models of the solar system which are exhibited in the library.

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Cross Triathlon @LLIS

Lënster Lycée International School Cross Triathlon - den 26. September ab 9h30 déi éischt Départen. Aschreiwungen iwwer

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Welcome back to a new school year at LLIS

The classrooms are full, corridors are noisy and the summer vacation is a distant memory... We wouldn't have it any other way! Welcome back to the LLIS, 2020/21 is going to be a blast!

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Welcome new Septièmes / S1!

The Lënster Lycée welcomes its first year high-school students (septièmes - S1) and wishes each of them all the best at the start of an exciting new journey! #llis #rentree

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One 2 one iPad learning

One 2 one iPad learning : At the start of their high-school career, LLIS students are entrusted with their own device - and its set of ground rules!

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