His Royal Highness of Luxembourg meets LLIS


Sebastian, Roya and Amelie from the Lënster Lycée International School hosted the stand of the European Parliament Ambassador School (EPAS) in cooperation with the European Parliament Liaison Office in Luxembourg at the Europe Day 2024 in the Parlement européen au Luxembourg. There was a quiz about Europe, a drawing corner for children and a self-drawn map of Europe without borders on which all visitors could write down their ideas about Europe.

His Royal Highness the Grand Duke of Luxembourg Cour Grand-Ducale as well as Tilly Metz, Isabel Wiseler-Lima and Xavier Bettel visited the pupils' stand and spoke about the importance of political education in schools. Thank you to our amazing students of LLIS who used their day off to celebrate democracy and thank you to Philippe Ternes for supporting the European Parliament Ambassador Schools - Luxembourg (EPAS) schools!