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Lecture with Dr Kathrin Meß

The 1CGC and the S5DE1 today dealt with the topic of concentration camps during the Second World War and received the historian Dr. Kathrin Meß, who is very committed to the "culture of remembrance", in the library.

Her book, "Hier kommst du nie mehr raus/ Luxemburger Frauen im Zweiten weltkrieg zwischen Widerstand, Verfolgung und Inhaftierung" (You'll never get out of here/Luxembourg women in the Second World War between resistance, persecution and imprisonment) deals with the resistance of Luxembourg women against the occupation of Luxembourg by National Socialist Germany from May 1940 onwards. Numerous women were persecuted by the Nazi authorities, locked up in concentration camps and murdered. Based on interviews, eyewitness accounts, letters, diaries and Nazi files, their stories are presented in detail for the first time through very extensive research.

Mr Victor Steichen was also a guest today and represented the Amicale des Anciens de Tambow/Russia. Camp 188 housed and imprisoned more than 1000 Luxembourg conscripted "Jongen".

We would like to thank Dr Meß and Mr Steichen very much for the interesting exchange.T With this special exchange, our pupils were able to reflect on many values, such as tolerance, civil courage, respect and human interaction.