The future is SMART


The future is SMART

DT Smart technologies with the specialization "Smart energy" at the LLIS.

Vocational training with a future!

The clock is ticking...

Energy savings and efficiency as a driver for climate protection, innovation and economic growth are increasing the demand for skilled workers. Energy consulting, planning and projecting, installation, assembly and maintenance of systems for energy production from renewable energies, taking into account their economic efficiency, are the job engines of the future.

The training "Smart Energy" within the framework of the technician training "Smart Technologies" aims on the one hand at the generation of electrical energy with the help of solar energy and wind power, and on the other hand at the storage and intelligent use of electrical energy as well as financing, economic efficiency and promotion of renewable energy systems.

Other focal points are the installation of advanced systems for energy management, increasing energy efficiency and equipping industrial, commercial and residential premises with intelligent charging stations.

The training is divided into six core areas

·        Assessment of renewable energies as the basis of sustainable economy

·        Basics of electrical energy

·        Maintenance of industrial plants

·        Development of systems for solar electricity generation

·        Planning wind energy systems

·        Designing special systems and installations

·        Energy network management

and is structured according to the principle of dual training. The first two years (4TPST and 3TPST) are offered full-time at the school. The last two years (2TCSTS and 1TCSTS) are completed both in companies and at school.

The learning system used by LLIS enables trainees to learn the technological interrelationships of power engineering in a clear and practical way. The system is highly variable and can be adapted to different requirements.

Program DT Smart Technologies Smart Energy

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