Directed studies of Lënster Lycée will be optional teaching units, organized from Monday to Thursday from 4:10 pm. The duration is set to one school hour. Lower-level students will be grouped by grade level into groups with up to 15 students. Higher-level students have the opportunity to consult the library.

All students enrolled in studies must attend on schedule. Any absence of the students to a study will have to be justified by an excuse of the parents / guardians. Parents / guardians will always be informed of the absence of the student concerned.

Three unexcused or unjustified absences will result in the exclusion of the student from the study.

The number of places for directed studies is limited, so please register your child as soon as possible for the first term. For each new term, please re-enroll your child in Directed Studies.


Directed studies will allow students to do their homework in a calm and supervised setting. Teachers do not give support classes, however, students can ask questions when needed.